About Us

About Us

Reliable and express Packers Movers and transport solutions

Our company, Hariom Packers and Movers LLP, commenced operations in Allahabad, a city close to Lucknow (India), about a decade ago. Our country's rapid economic growth in this era of globalisation has brought with it a sharp increase in the movement of goods and people. Some movements are local, others are to nearby cities and towns, and yet others are to distant places within India and even abroad. We offer a different packaging solution for each of these scenarios. At all times, primacy is given to cost-effective methods without compromising on the safety of the goods.

In our ten years in this field, we have earned a reputation for ourselves as a company that can be relied upon for trouble-free relocation of both commercial and household goods.

From small beginnings our company, Hariom Packers and Movers LLP, has grown to a position of leadership in the relocation services industry. We provide excellent packages that cover all aspects of relocation: packing, loading, moving, unloading and unpacking; connected services are insurance and storage/ warehousing.herefore, we offer a 24 x 7 customer-care service so as to facilitate our clients and keep them informed about their goods in transit. For efficient service, we have our own trucks and trailers for moving, a well trained staff and qualitative packing material used for packing as per the good to be packed. We also have a car transportation service. This service is sought after not only by individual householders who are relocating, but also by manufacturers and dealers of cars and other vehicles.



Representation brilliance services towards customers are our area of information and we effort for this position at few cost. The whole business progress ever because from goods packing to still present final allowance, we meanly technique one arrangement, “High Class” the marked material for the stuff is of the most excellent quality.



Our faithfulness in deliver excellence logistics and material and cargo service solution has allowed us to found ourselves as accountable and reliable service supplier in the residence industry. We also totally understand fact that instance in any winning commerce project we also think on appropriate deliverance of the shipment.



Our clients make decision for us because we’re the most excellent of packing and moving field. We give the importance our clients and provide them our dedicated services thus to their most satisfaction level. Many of us assure accuracy, we guarantee safety of the substance and above every single product.

Why Choose Us

We are best among them

Why our Company is best

Our vision services as collection for our actions and explain how we perform in the world.

  • Administration/Management
  • Responsibility/Duty
  • Infatuation/Passion
  • Quality/Feature
  • Teamwork/Joint Efforts
  • Integrity/Honesty

Our workers start with his task, which is demanding. It declares our motive as corporation and services since the standard alongside which we believe our actions along with result.

  • Have the bravery to transform the way when preferred
  • Work proficiently and capably
  • Act with hobby
  • Pass all the way through any hurdle on project

With continually activities towards industrialized qualitative goods we have become on the index of special option among our clients. We present quick, dependable moving and offer services. We have complete history of allowance our customers along with reliable, ingenious and specialized services for packing and relocate requirements.

  • Higher class clarification
  • Proven capability in final of small in accumulation to bulk guidelines
  • Customer alert
  • Appropriate time delivery goods
  • Custom-made option